Monday, 4 May 2020

Three little mice 4

The three little mice were having a wonderful time.
They were staying up late and watching TV. 
They were getting up late and eating junk food. 
The water giver kept their saucers topped up with food and fresh water but the naughty little mice preferred the ribena they sometimes found in an abandoned cup.
Sometimes Jes and Jed watched the boy people play computer games, all loud noises and flashing lights that Jem didn't like so he usually had a nap.

The mice soon learned to listen for the noise of the people arriving home from school, this was their favourite time of the day, what Jes, Jed and Jem waited for. The people would rush in and start looking under the dresser, under the cupboards and the table. When the people spotted the three little mice they would hold out pieces of crisps or biscuits, maybe a grape or a strawberry. Nervously the mice would take it in turns to scamper forward and accept offered treat.

When the mice were full and feeling tired there were lots of warm dark corners they could curl up in and go to sleep.

They often looked out the tall window into the garden and they could see their family and friends. They banged on the glass to attract their attention and waved but the glass was too thick so they could not make themselves heard.

For a while the mice were very happy but as time went on the water giver noticed that Jes, Jed and Jem were spending more and more time looking out of the big window. They were missing their friends and family.

One day the water giver found the three little mice sat in front of the TV, they weren't watching it they were just sat looking sad.
The water giver said to them "Are you missing your family? Do you want to go home?"

Jes, Jed & Jem looked at each other and then at the water giver, they all nodded.

The water giver bent down an held out her hand with her palm flat. The three little mice climbed onto her hand. She opened the tall window and stepped into the garden. She gently lowered Jes, Jed and Jem on to the grass. "Off you go" she said and the three little mice ran off towards the shed. "Were home" they squeaked "and you wouldn't believe the adventures we've had". All their friends and family crowded round they were so glad to have the three little mice home and they wanted to hear all about their adventures.

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