Thursday, 7 May 2020

Lois and Max

One sunny day two little mice called Lois and Max decided to play outside in the garden. Now they had been told often enough by their mother to stay under the shed during the day where it was safe.
But it was hot under the shed, it would be cooler outside and any way, they were bored, all the other mice were asleep.

Lois and Max crept out from under the shed and straight away turned around and ran back under. Outside there were two huge animals, they waited a few minutes, expecting one of the animals to try and follow them. Nothing happened so after a while Lois peeped out from under the shed to see what was going on. "Come on Max" Lois called "the animals are in cages, they cannot hurt us". Max followed cautiously, he was not so sure. Lois was his older sister but she was always running headlong in to trouble and expecting him to rescue her.

By the time Max appeared from under the shed Lois was sat in one of the cages chattering away to the animal. "Lois!" Shrieked Max "what do you think you are doing? That cat will eat you." Max went weak at the knees with fear.
"I'm not a cat, I'm a chinchilla, my name is Smokey I won't hurt you and neither will my dad. That's him in the next cage, his name is Chip." 
"Is your dad ok"  asked Max, staring at what appeared to be a squashed bundle of fur in the next cage. "He's ok, he just likes sitting in tight spaces".
Max didn't look convinced so Smokey called "come on out dad, you are frightening my new friends".
Chip climbed up on to the top of his sleep box and looked at the mice.
"What are you doing out during the the day?" Chip asked, "you'll catch it if your mum sees you."
Lois explained that they were bored and that it was hot under the shed. "Mum's won't know we've gone as she's asleep".
"What are you doing outside?" Lois asked.
"Our owners carried us out this morning before they left for school, they said we would enjoy the fresh air."

"Who else is out?" Asked Max.
Smokey introduced the other animals.
"This is Bradley and Pip" he said pointing to the gerbils. "Hamish and Marina they are hamsters".
"Jet and Hazel" he pointed to the rabbits "there are the guinea pigs too but there are so many of them I can't remember their names!"

"Hey, what about me, don't forget me" called a voice from a small cage beside the shed.
Max and Lois ran round to look in the small cage. Inside was the handsomest mouse Lois had ever seen. Instead of being browny grey like Lois and her family, this mouse was a sleek and shiny black and when he climbed up the side of the cage Lois could see he had the most beautiful ginger under belly. Lois was smitten, she'd never seen such a beautiful mouse before. It was left to Max to make conversation with the mouse as Lois just sat there staring at him.
Mind you Dink, as the mouse was called wasn't much help. He seemed just as smitten with Lois as she was with him. Drink thought Lois,was the most beautiful mouse he had ever seen with her soft browney grey coat and creamy white tummy and feet.

Max lost interest in Lois and Dink who seemed happy just to stare at each other and went back to talk to Smokey and share his peanuts.

Suddenly Max realised he could hear his mum calling, he scampered across to Lois who was still gazing at Dink. Max grabbed Lois by the paw and dragged her home.

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