Saturday, 2 May 2020

Three little mice 2

When Jes, Jed and Jem awoke the next morning they discovered they were all stuck together. Some of the sugar on the cereal they'd eaten the night before had fallen on to their coats and when they had snuggled up together to sleep they had become stuck.

They eventually pulled themselves apart and cleaned their fur. They decided to explore their new surroundings and crept out from underneath the cupboard where they had slept.

The kitchen was quiet, there seemed to be no one about but no sooner had they left their hiding place when CRASH!

Four humans rushed into the kitchen, they were all talking at once, laughing and chatting, grabbing bowls and plates from the cupboards, milk from the fridge and bread from the bread bin.

The three little mice peeped out, their tummies started to rumble and their mouths started to water at the sight and smells, all the food they'd been dreaming of. Cereal, toast, jam and marmite, bacon frying and eggs being scrambled.

Jes, Jed and Jem watched hopefully for any crumbs that might be dropped. Suddenly with a cry of "Look at the time, we'll be late for school" the four humans rushed out and the room was empty and quiet yet again.

The three little mice crept out of their hiding place again and scurried about, grabbing paws full of delicious food and shoving it in their mouths.

The only thing missing was something to drink, there were no leaky pipes in the kitchen. Jes, Jed and Jem were discussing what the should do as they were all getting very thirsty. They were stood under the table and trying to decide how to find water when another human walked slowly into the kitchen. The little mice froze in fear, they hoped if they stood very still the human wouldn't notice them hiding under the table. The human didn't seem to notice them. She walked to the sink and turned the tap on. It was torture for the three little mice, listening to the water splashing when they were so thirsty but they didn't dare move. After a few moments the human bent down and placed a saucer of water on the floor. "Be careful" said Jes, "there might be a cat here and the water is for the cat".

The human bent down again and this time she pushed the saucer of water towards the three little mice. "You must be thirsty" she said and walked slowly and quietly out of the kitchen.

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