Sunday, 3 May 2020

Three little mice 3

After the three little mice had drunk the water that they had been given they decided to explore the house some more.

They crept from room to room, the house seemed to be empty apart from the water giver who was sat at a desk in one of the rooms writing and she took no notice of them at all. 

There were so many rooms to explore the three little mice became quite confused as they wandered around.

In one room there was a huge window all the way to the floor, Jes, Jed and Jem spent some time looking out of the widow looking for their friends but it was raining very hard and everyone was sheltering out of sight.

The three little mouse continued to explore for some time, occasionally they stopped and curled up in a quiet corner and had a snooze. When they woke up they carried on exploring, there were bathrooms, bedrooms, rooms with tables in, but the best room of all was the kitchen, there was still a saucer of water down for them and a bowl of nuts and cereal had now joined it. The mice were grateful but they would rather have had junk food.

Jes, Jed & Jem had a drink and then curled up for another nap under a large dresser, they had not been asleep long when there was an almighty bang. The three see mice awoke with a start, it was the front door opening.
In rushed the four humans that had rushed out earlier that morning. Again there was lots of laughing and shouting as they argued about what they were going to eat. The water giver came into the room and said "Don't eat too much, tea will be ready at 6, lasagne and garlic bread".

"Mum" said one of the people, "why is the a saucer of water and a bowl of muesli under the table?"

The water giver put her finger to her lips "we have visitors, but you must be very quiet or you will scare them."

The people fell silent, the water giver pointed to the dresser, they all knelt down and peered under the dresser. Jes, Jed and Jem peered back. After a few moments the people stood up quietly and tiptoed away.

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