Tuesday, 5 May 2020

The Mice of Nice Mice Ride

This is the story of three brother mice who lived at 27 Nice Mice Ride, their names were Heb, Neb and Lancaster.
This was a very nice place to live as there were no CATS so it was very safe and there was always plenty to eat.
In the autumn there were blackberries and acorns that fell from a huge oak tree. The mice buried these in the soft grass and dug them up again when there was no other food around to eat.

The people who lived in the house often said it was more like mowing a forest than a lawn as sometimes the mice missed some of the acorns and they grew into tiny trees. It was a good job there were plenty of acorns as squirrels and deer often visited the garden to dig up acorns too but there were always plenty to go around.

The situation improved even more when new people moved into the house. At first the mice were quite worried about having new people in the house in case they had CATS or maybe they would put traps down or even poison. They need not have worried for although the new people did have pets they had guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters and chinchillas and they all ate the sort of food mice enjoy. Better still they used hay and soft paper bedding that mice don't often get to line their homes with.

Not long after the new people moved in they built a shed in the garden for their pets. This was great as it gave the mice somewhere new to live without having to dig holes. It also meant lots of free food as all the pet food was stored in the shed, once the people realised there were mice living under the shed they would accidentally on purpose drop some food on the grass for the mice.

By this time the mice were pretty sure the people were friendly so one summer's evening when the people were sat outside, three little mice called Heb, Neb and Lancaster decided to try and get the them to help with a problem.

Some of the acorns that had been buried earlier in the year were stuck fast in the ground and try as they might the mice could not get them free.

Once all the people were sat in chairs on the grass, Heb, Neb and Lancaster started to dig and tug at the acorns. The people watched them but didn't do anything, the three little mice were just beginning to think the people were really stupid when one of the people knelt down and prised an acorn out of the grass. "Hooray" squeaked Heb, "about time" agreed Neb. Lancaster grabbed the acorn and ran home under the shed with it.

The people were digging out more and more acorns and soon all the mice were running to and fro collecting all the acorns they could carry.


  1. Sue. Whenever I mention anywhere in Lincolnshire you can bet somebody who answers my blog was either born there or has lived there. It is a good county obviously. My friends would be dead by the time you were old enough to know them. They had three daughters and they were called Charles and May Maple. Just can't recall the name of the road they lived on.

  2. I moved from Lincolnshire when I was right.