Friday, 1 May 2020

Three little mice

Jes, Jed and Jem were three little mice who lived
at 27 Nice Mice Ride. One day they decided that they
were grown up enough to go out into the big wide 
world and start their own mouse colony.
They wanted to stay out late, sleep until noon and eat 
junk food all day. They were fed up with being told 
“Eat your greens up” and “Get up, it's your turn to 
find breakfast, everyone is hungry and waiting”

The three little mice thought if they lived with their friends they all be as lazy as they liked and it wouldn't matter. They decided to become house mice and to move into the human's house, it was warm there and there was always plenty to eat, especially junk food like biscuit and crisp crumbs, not boring stuff like acorns and seeds.

Finally the great day arrived. This was the day they had been planning for. They had spent a long time checking the outside of the house and working out how to get inside. They tried to persuade some of the other mice to go with them but no one would, they were afraid of what might await them inside the house.
Our three brave adventurers had no fear, they would soon be living the life of Riley. They crept around the shed, along the patio wall and then ran to the safety of a large dandelion growing beside the door. They hid underneath the dandelion leaves and tried to get their breath back while they waited for the door to open. They waited and waited, shivering partly from cold as it was getting dark and had started to rain and partly from fear. Would the door never open?
Just as they were about to give up and return home, the door opened, “Quick lads, here's our chance!” squeaked Jes, the three mice threw themselves through the door just as it was closing. “That was a close shave” panted Jem “Is everyone ok?”. Once they'd checked each other over and decided they were uninjured they looked around to see where they were. They hadn't got right inside the house but at least they were out of the rain. There didn't seem to be much food around but by now the three little mice were too tired to care. They found a dark corner and snuggled up in a little furry ball and fell asleep.
The next morning the three little mice woke up as soon as it was light, they stretched, had a wash and crept out to look for something to eat. “I thought you said there was good food to eat in the house” said Jed “I can't find anything, not even an acorn” complained Jem. “We aren't in the house yet” explained Jes. “We have to get through that door over there, then there will be plenty to eat”. As the day wore on the three little mice got hungrier and hungrier for there was no food anywhere to be found and they couldn't even go home as they couldn't get back out through the other door.
Fortunately there was plenty to drink as there was a leaky pipe behind the dishwasher so they had a good
supply of fresh water. Eventually it started to get dark again and just as the mice were settling down to sleep the door opened. The mice crept nearer and nearer, would they be able to slip through before the door shut again? Yes, they made it, they hurried through the door and dived for the nearest cover under a cupboard.
As they sat there puffing and panting, trying to get their breath back Jed started to sniff around. "Hey, look what I've found" he squeaked, he was jumping
up and down with excitement. Someone had spilt a handful of sugar coated cereal by the cupboard door and it hadn't been swept up yet. The three little mice thought they were in heaven, this was what they had been hoping for, they ate and ate until they felt sick. Then they wriggled under the cupboard and fell fast asleep.

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