Friday, 10 October 2014


I was just about to leave for work when the urge took me again, I’d thought about it the previous evening & made my plans. In the morning I was undecided, was it right to do such a thing or wasn’t it. Eventually I stopped dithering, I grabbed the knife, a long sharp knife from the drawer. It was a spur of the moment decision, after all I reasoned, I didn’t have to use it. I wrapped it in a clean tea towel & hid it in the bottom of my bag. The tea towel could be used to clean it afterwards, to save messing up my bag.
It wasn’t a nice atmosphere at work, lots of people were stressed & unhappy, what I was about to do would be good for some people, maybe some wouldn’t see it that way but that was their problem. I’d thought long & hard before I’d come to a decision, in the end my decision was made on the basis of some small evil causing the greater good.

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  1. Come on, it's been 8 days now..... haven't they found the body yet?